History of the Hereford Cattle : With a History of Herefords in America eBook

In 1876 Charles Gudgell and T.A. Simpson (G&S) first saw Hereford cattle on exhibit at the US Centennial Exposition at Philadelphia, and according to Gudgell, "gained a vision of what might be accomplished on America's western ranges with cattle such as these".

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T L Miller
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07 Jul 2017

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This special reprint edition of "History of the Hereford Cattle" was written by T.L. Miller and Wm. H. Stotham, and first published in 1902. It is a truly valuable antiquarian text with a vast wealth of historical information about the breed. Some of the topics covered by Miller and Stotham include Foundation Hereford Herds, A Noted Feeder on Herefords as Beef Animals, The County of Hereford - Herefordshire, Twenty Years of Hereford Breeding 1799 - 18 19, Early Hereford History in America, Early Cattle in Kentucky, and many more. This rare text is an absolutely essential addition to the libraries of all Hereford enthusiasts, and agricultural history buffs in general. IMPORTANT NOTE - Please read BEFORE buying! THIS BOOK IS A REPRINT. IT IS NOT AN ORIGINAL COPY. This book is a reprint edition and is a perfect facsimile of the original book. It is not set in a modern typeface and has not been digitally rendered. As a result, some characters and images might suffer from slight imperfections, blurring, or minor shadows in the page background. This book appears exactly as it did when it was first printed.

Cattle Breeds - Hereford Hereford History The origin of the Hereford has been lost over time but it is generally agreed that it was founded on the draught ox descended from the small red cattle of Roman Briton and from a large Welsh breed once numerous along the border of England and Wales.