How to Teach Grammar eBook

Mention the word "grammar" and students will cringe. In fact, most teachers will cringe, too. Of course, teachers know correct grammar rules, but it's one thing to know them, and another thing to effectively teach them, and transmit them so that students not only understand the rules, but also apply ...

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Scott Thornbury
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01 Oct 2000

How to Teach Grammar is a great book. This book is written by author Scott Thornbury. You can read the How to Teach Grammar book on our website in any convenient format!

Covering the various methods for teaching grammar including the practice and integration of grammar and how NOT to teach grammar!Explores different techniques for teaching grammar including inductive and deductive approaches. Covers practising, testing, error correction and how to integrate grammar with various methodologies such as communicative language teaching and task-based learning. Sample lessons show a range of teaching approaches and grammar items in context.

Why Teach Grammar? Knowing about clauses and phrases is the only way for a person to know the reasons WHY punctuation works the way it does. Learning to use the different types of phrases